Product Care

Product Care

Safe usage

The Voduz Straightener is an electrical appliance and care and attention must be taken to ensure safe use.

Never use any electrical appliance in bathroom or kitchen - anywhere water is present.
DO not touch the titanium plates while or still plugged into power.
The straightener and any other hot tool is not intended for use by children, people of reduced mental and physical capabilities or any person with lack of knowledge of hot styling tools.
Use any styling products away from the straightener, do not apply directly onto straightener.
Please check your Voduz straightener before use and ensure that plug, wire and straightener is free from any damage. If you have any queries about the condition of the straightener please contact Voduz Customer Care for more information or refer to the instruction manual.

Straightener care

Your Voduz straightener deserves some care and attention and from this the best styling results will always be achieved.

Ensure straightener is switched off and unplugged after every use.
Keep the rounded edges and plates away from any flammable material as the high temperature plates will cause burn damage.
Never leave the Voduz straightener powered on and unattended.
Keep rounded edges and plate away from power cord to reduce rick of damage.
Allow the plates to completely cool down before storing away.
Take care with the straightener power cord when packing away. Try not to wind the wire any more than originally packed as this may cause damage to the cord.
When the straightener is not in use, please place straightener on a heat resistant surface and not resting on the rounded edges.
If product gets onto straighteners – allow to completely cool and remove from power source and wipe clean with a cloth.
If there are any questions about product care or preserving your Voduz Straightener then please contact Voduz for more information.